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Car Wash was a HUGE Success!

July 13, 2013


Thanks to people like YOU, we were able to raise $688.34 to benefit the kids at Texas Childrens Hospital!


With your help, we will be able to put together goodie bags and bring a lot of joy to children that may never make it home.

little helpers

Texas Children's Hospital Receives Gifts of Love

July 16, 2013


Our ministry delivered 35 bags to the hospital!


Each bag contained coloring books, story books, colors, construction paper, beanie babies, pens, notepads and bubbles. Ten of the 35 bags had Spanish books!


It was an absolutely amazing feeling knowing how much the kids were going to enjoy receiving our gifts!

littlest helpers

Regent Care
Residents Blessed

July 28, 2013


What a blessing it was to visit with the residents of Regent Care in Kingwood, Texas. The Littlest Helpers presented each with a goodie bag filled with a book, a hand made bookmark, beaded necklace, bracelet and sugar free candy.


We also sang songs and delivered much needed hugs, which they were more than happy to receive.


At the end of our visit the residents enjoyed a special treat of sugar free cookies.

little helpers

Another Family Blessed

August 11, 2013


We were so happy to receive word from one of our supporters that another family needed our help. Our ministry was able to provide a mother of 3 young boys (1st, 2nd and 3rd graders), backpacks full of all the supplies the boys needed to make their school year a success.


It makes us feel so good to help others. Knowing that these kids are returning to school with the tools they need, is why we continue to do what we do.

We made a BIG Impact!

August 1, 2013


We believe a child's job growing up is to play! That's why when we were contacted by one of our supporters about a family that escaped a domestic violence situation, we jumped into action!


The mother of two, a 6 year old boy and 18 month old daughter, let us know that they no longer had toys. So, what else could we do but to provide them with donated toys!


The little boy was so happy when he received our donation, the mother told us, he cried tears of joy and said "They are so sweet and this is totally nice!"


Our hearts are full!

little helpers
little helpers

Back to School Supply Drive had Amazing Results!

August 9, 2013


Thanks to you and your generous giving, we were able to completely fill a barrel full of all types of supplies and donate it to Operation Backpack sponsored by YMCA, KSBJ and KTRK Channel 13.


KSBJ was so impressed with the work our ministry did that they put us on the air to tell our story!


We were overcome with joy at the response we received and with your help, we are looking forward to helping so many more!

Giving makes us feel GOOD!

August 15, 2013


A BIG thanks to the volunteers of Montgomery County Emergency Assistance!


It was such a pleasure visiting with them and donating clothing to people who really need it!


We are working hard and are excited about what we are accomplishing!

August 18, 2013


It is days like this that let us know God is leading us where He knows we need to be. Our hearts were filled with joy because of what we could do for two wonderful familes.


We received messages from a young mother in need of clothing for her two young girls. She had actually heard about us helping other families. What an amazing feeling to know that the news of our good works is reaching so many! Because of donations from others, we were able to provide several bags of clothing and a Walmart gift card to this family!


Another mother needed school supplies for her daughter in kindergarten and her son in second grade. So, we were happy to fill two bakpacks with the tools they needed. Every child should have the opportunity to return to school feeling loved and cared for!


We can hardly wait to do more!

Star of HOPE Volunteer Night

August 24, 2013


We were honored to be able to volunteer with such a wonderful organization.


The Star of Hope realized during the 1980’s that an emergency shelter was not enough help for many homeless individuals. They would keep coming back after leaving the shelter, unable to maintain an independent life-style.


So, in 1988, the Star of Hope Mission began the Transitional Living Center to help prepare and train the homeless to become independent and re-enter the mainstream of society.


TLC located at 6801 Ardmore in Houston, Texas is able to provide services to 66 families and 45 single women!


We provided jello, pudding cups and water as a good night snack to the inviduals housed there. They were all so appreciative of our efforts. It is not something we will soon forget!

We GIVE So Others Will
Want to Give too!
 GIVE So Others Will

September 11, 2013


Do you ever think about those that don't have as much as you do? We do! All the time! God has placed it on our hearts to always help others that we see in need and that is what we do every single month!


We were so happy to be able to help the mother of two children by providing her a much needed double stroller. We also donated a toddler bed to a family that fosters children.


If you would like to help us donate to those in need, please contact us at

The Littlest Helpers
The Littlest Helpers

September 27, 2013


We receive requests almost every day for help and we love our job! We are so happy to be able to help people in need. But, we could not do this without your help each and every day! 



We were able to help a mother by donating two bags full of much needed clothing for her son. The smile on her face makes what we do so fulfilling!


We appreciate your donations, without which we could not have made this happen!

Ministry Helping Ministry

Hand in Hand

September 28, 2013


Aldine Y.OU.T.H. has established itself as a foundation for community restoration. By offering consistent, high-quality supportive and restorative social service programs, the agency works to ensure the development of youth and families into healthy, productive and self-sufficient members of society; and, empower the community to take collaborative responsibility in making positive changes.


Many of the youth in the area have no place to go and no plans for the future. Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. offers a place where the kids that are doing well can be role models for others by volunteering to be peer tutors. They also have many youth that work with their summer School of Business job readiness program, learning responsibility, acquiring viable job skills, and gaining leadership skills that lead to valuable work experiences.


We are thrilled that we were able to partner with them and provide much needed supplies to the Aldine area, including clothing, bedding and furniture!


What a blessing!

The Littlest Helpers

Taking Care of our Veterans makes us HapPy!

October 2013


We were so blessed to be able to help such wonderful people at the Veteran Support Organization. The chapters in various states across the United States are changing the lives of so many by offering jobs and transitional housing, and provide funding to local VA’s and other veterans support groups. Their mission is to get struggling veterans off the streets and give them opportunities to improve their lives.


Through our efforts this month, we were able to donate clothing, toiletries and even a check to help them continue to support those that some may have forgotten.


Thank you to all of you that helped us with this campaign. It truly meant the world to us!

We were a Vendor at a Fall Festival!

October 19, 2013


We were blessed to be a part of the Deer Park United Methodist Church annual Fall Festival. We were able to raise much needed funds for our upcoming projects while also spreading the word about our ministry.
It was a lot of fun and something we hope to be able to do again!


We still have several items from the festival available for sell. If you are interested, please let us know. Items are listed below and price includes shipping or delivery charges. Thanks!

Littlest Helpers

Tree wall art $5.00 for both

Littlest Helpers

Dessert Candles $2.00 each

Littlest Helpers

Faith Display Plate $5.00

Littlest Helpers

Hope Wall Plaque $4.50

Littlest Helpers

Love Display Plate $5.00

Littlest Helpers

T-shirts $25.00

November 27, 2013


Our ministry was so blessed to be able to adopt a special young lady with two sons, for the Thanksgiving holiday.


This mother lives in a tiny apartment at a storage facility. The unit has no working refrigerator or air conditioner/heating equipment.


We provided much needed non-perishable groceries and are still believing for the refrigerator and ac/heater for her.


The smile on her face made our hearts swell with joy! We are always so happy to help!

Open Your Hearts to the LaTour Boys

December 6-15, 2013


On June 30, 2005, a young mother, Laurie LaTour, was killed in a head on collision in Crosby. Both her boys, Jessie and Timothy, were also in the car. One was ejected in his car seat. Both had broken limbs, head trauma, etc. By the grace of God, they both survived only to be left without a caregiver. Fortunately, their maternal grandparents took full custody of the boys a few years later. In June 2012, their grandfather passed away of natural causes, leaving their Grandmother sole provider to care for them. This family was greatly in need, as you can imagine. 


Our ministry hosted a clothing and toy drive for these boys and want to thank you for the love and support you showed to them! If you participated in this campaign, we appreciate you so very much. These boys received a trailer full of donations including clothing, dishes and even furniture! We also provided them with three Walmart gift cards. Joy filled our hearts!

Socks for Soldiers Campaign

December 16-22, 2013


We held a campaign to collect much needed socks and other items for our soldiers.


The tokens collected were donated to our friends at Socks for Soldiers, Inc.  They are a 501C (3) Non Profit Charity organization that is all about sending gifts of love to the soldiers in the Middle East. They show support to the troops by sending love in a special thoughtful way.


Our ministry was able to donate socks, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, tooth brushes and even treats for their dogs.


What a blessing!

Christmas Caroling at Regent Care

December 22, 2013


We were so happy to be able to share the love of Jesus and joy of the Christmas season with the residents at Regent Care Center in Kingwood, TX.


We joined our church family from Victory Christian Center and sang Christmas carols through the halls while the church distributed Christmas gifts.


We were blessed along with the residents and left with full hearts! 

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